Ooooooohhhh! It's nearly Halloween time! Let's all get in the mood!
Are you creative? Love to color? To animate? Anything goes!!!


1. You must be a member of Dreamers Odyssey, however anyone may vote for you... not just DO members!
2. It doesn't matter what team you are on! You are all welcome to participate!
3. Only one colored graphic may be submitted per member per site.
4. DO NOT resize the coloring page, or it will not be accepted!


Entering is easy! Simply click on the coloring page and download it to your computer!
Once you've put the finishing touches on your coloring page,
email a copy to



Include the following information:
Your Name
Your Email Address
DO Team You're On
Name of Your Website


All entries must be received no later than 10:00 PM (EST) Sunday, October 14th, 2017.
Contest will run for one (1) week ONLY! * October 15th- 18th! *
There will be three (3) graphic awards given to the top three (3) winners and 150 tokens for 1st place,
100 tokens for 2nd place, and 75 tokens for 3rd place. All other participants will receive 20 tokens for entering the contest!





This is your coloring page!
Right click and save to your computer.






#1 The Faery Pool / Mystic Moonlight #2 Sandy Hook Restoration / Dreams of Atlantis

#3 Shannon's Dr. Quinn World / Dreams of Atlantis #4 Site Name / Team

~*~ Contest runs Oct. 15th - 18th ~*~

Vote for your favorite Frankie! (You may vote 2X)

Self Vote =
(Contestant must self-vote 3 days in order to win)

Each fighter may earn 1 bonus point for each day they self-vote!

Frankie #1 - The Faery Pool
Frankie #2 - Sandy Hook Restoration
Frankie #3 - Shannon's Dr. Quinn World

Closed 10:00 PM - Midnight Eastern Time

Please enter your email address below:

(Voting is open to anyone, not just Dreamers Odyssey members!)

Site Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Bonus Total
~4~ ~22~
2nd Place

~4~ ~19~
3rd Place

~4~ ~25~





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