There are many customs from around the world which have become part of celebrating Halloween, Samhain, or All Hallow's Eve. One of the traditions is "Trick-Or-Treating" where children dress up in costumes and beg candy by knocking on neighbors' doors! Below are 20 scrambled words that have to do with trick-or-treating.

Let's see how many words you can unscramble! You will receive 4 tokens for each word correctly unscrambled! Good luck!

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1. sctmoue:

2. kcnko:

3. acydn:

4. cefa pntia:

5. nsafg:

6. mskas:

7. acrontseoid:

8. arstiep:

9. hdcrleni:

10. tetars:

11. unpikmp navirgc:

12. osgths:

13. bakcl cta:

14. fiosnbre:

15. hctiwse:

16. parkns:

17. gonilb:

18. vimaprse:

19. lapep bboinbg:

20. pokoys:

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