Welcome to Dreamers Odyssey Spirit Quilt

Show your spirit!! This month, Dreamers Odyssey will have a theme for Quilt Squares. Any member or alumni of Dreamers Odyssey is encouraged to submit a 150 x 150 pixel creation of their own. The graphic will be joined with others, forming a "quilt" of squares. They are listed by month, and you can watch the progress of the Quilt as it grows. YOU CAN EARN 20 DREAM TOKENS PER SQUARE!

Your website will be linked to your submitted square in recognition of your spirit!

---> Click here to send your quilt pieces and information!

if you have any questions about the Spirit Quilt Squares.

Please DO NOT change subject line in email.

Spirit Quilt Square Submission

The square will be placed on the month of submission, and be linked to your site.
Please only submit up to 4 squares per quilt.

It must be 150 x 150 pixels and fit the theme of the quilt.

You may submit one square for each website that you own!

** Our next Quilt will be our Thanksgiving/November 2020 Quilt **

Submissions for this quilt taken from October 1st until October 31st.

(The size must be 150X150 pixels square)

-->Submit your squares here!

October Seasonal Quilt

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