Welcome to my PokéGarden! I'm Lady Roselia, please to meet all of you! I was a charter member of Dreamers Odyssey and it's great to be back with the competition!

About Me
Real Name: Stephanie
Location: Canada
Birthday: August 22, 1979
Sun Sign: Leo
Chinese Sign: Sheep
Favorite Color: Pink
Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, shopping, listening to music, writing, webpage design, anime, Japanese culture
Favorite TV Shows: Survivor
Favorite Sports to Watch: Hockey, baseball, road cycling
Books I like: "Peanuts" books, the Hunger Games trilogy, any kind of magical girl manga (mostly Sailor Moon)
Favorite Pokémon: Pikachu, Leafeon, Roselia, Mudkip

Competition History
I've been involved in web competitions since 2000 and find it's a great way to show off my sites and make new friends! I'm involved in various comps with the sites I've created over the years, and am currently a team leader at Fairy Musings, where I'm also a charter member

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Only The Light || Golden Dream || Totally Glee || Silver Moon Paradise

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